Microsoft Windows 10 Professional license for 3 devices

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License: With this license the software can be activated on 3 different devices, e.g. home PC, notebook and work PC
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Maximize your productivity and ensure seamless operation across multiple devices with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, now available with a license for 3 devices. Tailored for businesses and advanced users, this package allows you to install Windows 10 Professional on three separate PCs, providing a consistent and powerful operating environment. Whether for a small office or a diverse set of family PCs, this multi-device license offers the flexibility and security needed to meet your computing demands.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Device License: Conveniently activate Windows 10 Pro on three different devices, ensuring uniform functionality and security across your hardware.
  • Advanced Security: Includes features like BitLocker drive encryption and Windows Information Protection, which help protect your data from external threats and internal leaks.
  • Remote Desktop: Access your PC remotely from anywhere, enhancing your ability to work flexibly and maintain productivity no matter where you are.
  • Group Policy Management: Gain control over your network and connected devices with Group Policy, allowing you to manage security and configuration settings centrally.
  • Hyper-V Technology: Utilize Hyper-V to create and manage virtual machines, allowing you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same hardware.
  • Assigned Access: Lock down devices to a specific app for kiosk setups, perfect for retail or public service environments.
  • Dynamic Provisioning: Quickly and easily set up new devices with a few simple clicks and minimal interaction.


  • Consistent Experience Across Devices: Ensure that all your devices run the same operating system, which simplifies management and troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced Productivity Tools: Utilize the rich feature set of Windows 10 Pro to boost your efficiency, including a robust Start Menu, Cortana digital assistant, and snap assist for multitasking.
  • Robust Updates and Support: Benefit from regular updates that enhance security and performance, keeping your systems running smoothly and securely.
  • Cost-Effective Licensing: A single purchase covers three devices, offering a cost-effective solution for small businesses or households needing multiple installations.

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional is an excellent choice for users who need a reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage operating system across multiple devices. With this 3-device license, you can streamline operations, safeguard your data, and maintain productivity with ease. Whether you’re upgrading your small business or setting up a home network, Windows 10 Pro provides the tools and flexibility you need to succeed.


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